Monday, February 7, 2011

Father-Daugher Dance

The Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance was held on Friday night.  

All ready to go!

(Fashion Note: If you own a Christmas shirt, and it has a train on it, by no means is it seasonal attire.)

The dinner menu consisted of chicken, macaroni and cheese, buttered corn, and salad.  
Clare told Ryan the corn was really really good.  (Does she not get out much??)

Then there was dancing...

Some people have all the fun!

(Why do her dancing skills remind me of this?)

How many days until we can hit the dance floor at Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Michael's wedding reception in September??  


  1. Oh my goodness, Clare's dancing skills are priceless! And I totally know what you mean by a train shirt not being seasonal. :)

  2. This was just too cute!!! I can't say my dancing skills are much better!!! Ha ha!