Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is why little boys have daddies.

The nightly wrestling tournaments around here are the highlight of the day for a certain 2 year-old boy!

Not so much for a 5 year-old girl.  (Something about being the older sister and her competitiveness and her need to make a thousand rules for any given game...)

In other news....we found out yesterday that out of 61 new families, Clare was one of the 35 kindergarteners-to-be that has been accepted into our parish school!  This is something that has been looming over our heads since we started thinking about moving almost 2 years ago.  We knew that it was hard to get into the Catholic grade school in the neighborhood where we were looking.  I was a bit reluctant to even look in the area because of this (and maybe because I am a planner and a move was not on the agenda for 2009!).  Ryan was determined that it would all work out and, without my knowing, his prayer was that our new house would have a pink rosebush in the front yard.  When we pulled into the driveway of our current house, there were two pink rosebushes in the front.  Ryan was sold, and eventually I was, too.  And now, 18 months later, holding our letter of acceptance, we know that God knew all along that it would all work out and that this was where we are supposed to be.
We are looking forward to seeing our pink roses in bloom again soon!


  1. Congrats Rothkopf's! What great news. So glad I get to know what's going on with you guys. :)

  2. haha...poor Clare. The wrestling going on here is between Michael and Colleen, though Colleen is usually the winner with Michael yelling under her, "Get off!" :)
    I love the pink rosebush story! How awesome is that?!