Monday, February 21, 2011

N to the ASCAR

If you had asked me who Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was or what exactly NASCAR was 10 years ago I probably would have had no idea.  Today it's quite a different story...

Yesterday was the 53rd Daytona 500 and the kickoff to this year's NASCAR season.  This is my husband's favorite day of the year.  And his love for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is no secret, either.  All weekend long our TV announced the pre-pre-pre-race coverage, the pre-pre-race concerts, the pre-race coverage, the glorious 4 hours of the actual race on Sunday, and the post-race coverage.

After a long weekend and a full day, Clare was very tired last night when Ryan was getting her ready for bed.  Out of exhaustion she started crying and when he had her calmed down she let him know, "I'm just sad because Dale Earnhardt didn't win the race."

We eat, sleep, bleed, and cry NASCAR over here.      


  1. Oh my goodness, Clare had me laughing so hard! We had it on at our house, too, only because Michael loves cars so much. And apparently, according to Tim, NASCAR is American and his son will know American things. :)

  2. You all would love it here in's NASCAR ALL freaking year long!!! I still don't get it! ; )