Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out...

This week has just been all around rotten here.  

There, I said it.  

But it just seems like we've been in a bad rut of sorts.    
I'm hoping for better things next week and in the weeks to come.  Not trying to dwell on the recent "lemons," I was trying to think of the happier events from the last couple of days and came up with five things that made me smile this week.

So here they are in no particular order...  

1.  Belting out songs from the "Annie" soundtrack while in the car with the kids.  I love the lyrics they pick up from the songs.  And the way Clare even says the line, " Ah, the lovely Boylan sisters!" 

2. Snuggling with Jude while he, Ryan, and I read books in our bed the other night while the girls were asleep.  Nothing is sweeter than a 2 year-old in footie pajamas.

3. Hearing Clare answer the questions I asked her from some of the kindergarten paperwork I had to fill out:

  Q: "What are your child's feelings about kindergarten?"
  A: "Excited!  And really really happy about it."

4. Ellen so close to sitting by herself.  And the fact that she couldn't be any sweeter, or cuter, or chunkier.

5. The beautiful weather we had at the end of the week.  Nothing beats the sun streaming through the clouds.

Not quite warm enough for this, but after grey skies and a foot of snow, the sun was a nice change!  


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