Wednesday, March 16, 2011

40 Bags

It seems like I know a lot of people taking part in "40 bad in 40 days" for Lent.  (Getting rid of 40 bags of stuff by donating, throwing away, etc. during the 40 days of Lent.)  Now that Ellen is on a predictable nap schedule I feel like I can get more done and am joining the "40 bags" bandwagon this year.  I am mostly wanting to organize and purge closets and storage spaces.  Some things were unpacked and tossed into temporary spaces when we moved 18 months ago and are not exactly functioning in their current home.  So I am trying to get some order in those places.  (And in the process have found extension cords stored in about five different spots...)

Some spaces, like my laundry room, were starting to look messy and bother my left-brained self:

A quick and inexpensive trip to Walmart is now making me feel better about this space:  

I also organized the hall linen closet the other day and knew I was successful when I heard Ryan open it and say, "Where's the...oh, I see it.  Never mind."

I am loving my bags piling up for Goodwill...and the ones that have already made it to the curb!  

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  1. Hey Martha, aren't you going to get a label maker and label those bins????