Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bye Bye Binkie...

Jude has been bink-free for about 3 weeks now.  Hooray!  I have decided it is time he grows up a bit and stops using a pacifier and starts going on the potty.  (Potty success post coming sometime between now and when he goes off to college...)

The first night without his bink we told Jude that we couldn't find any of them.  He was actually fine with that answer and fell asleep with no problems.

The second night was another story.  He kept asking for it and asking for it and was not falling asleep.  Eventually Ryan cut one of the binks and showed Jude that it was "broken."  Fighting back tears and telling us like we were idiots Jude informed us, "You can go to Target.  They have lots and lots of binks in tons of different colors!"

Last picture with the favorite blue bink.  

 He isn't the only 2 year-old in the family that enjoyed a good binkie...


  1. We just got rid of Colleen's binky almost 2 weeks ago, and it went SO much better than Michael's. I think we took his away too soon, or maybe Colleen is just easier. :)

  2. Gee Joseph was WALKING when we took Marbie's bink away!!