Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday.  I was due on his birthday but arrived 2 weeks late.  

As an adult my dad would always send his mother flowers on his birthday.
My dad has given me many intangible gifts over the years...  

Every year on Father's Day my dad writes each of my siblings and me a letter.  I also have letters from him from other important times in my life.  I have all of these letters saved and enjoy reading them from time to time.  

My dad has always stressed spending quality time with myself and my siblings.  Summers growing up always included trips to get ice cream together.  When I was younger (in about 2nd grade) he would take us to volunteer at a local soup kitchen on Saturday mornings.  Of course we were always treated to breakfast on such an outing.  

Now my dad also takes time for my own children.  This past Christmas Clare and Jude were treated to lunch at McDonald's with Grandpa and then went to get him new shoes at his cousin's shoe store.  They are still talking about their special trip with Grandpa (and of course about the turtle and talking bird at the shoe store!).   

I inherited my dad's list making abilities...which is why this blog is possible...of which he is it's #1 fan!

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you!  Hope you have a great day!    

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