Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Now that warm weather has finally hit, we all like to enjoy a cool treat after dinner.  Ice cream isn't the best option for those of us 8 months postpartum and preparing for bathing suit season.  I originally found this recipe on a Honey Maid Graham Cracker box.  (I tried to find it online, but now this recipe is the only one I could find...sounds good, too.)

Frozen Yogurt Graham Cracker Sandwiches

1 6 oz. container of fat free yogurt (I like vanilla best)
1 cup of fat free cool whip
6 whole graham crackers

Mix yogurt and cool whip together in a small bowl.  Break graham crackers in half.  Dollop one large spoonful of yogurt/cool whip mixture onto one graham cracker square and place another graham cracker square on top.  Place in baking dish, cover, and freeze.  Makes 6 sandwiches.

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