Friday, May 6, 2011

Purse Cards

The kids and I made these cards to give for Mother's Day.  (We simplified the process and just made them as cards.)

First print the template out here.

Trace the pattern over a piece of construction paper (or card stock) and cut out.  
Then fold the card where noted.  

We decorated the purses with stickers and markers.  

Next I just poked a pipe cleaner into the top for a handle.  

I secured the other side by bending the pipe cleaner.

Jude decided to string beads on the handle of his card.  

(He also really enjoyed coloring the purse template.)  

 Then I was feeling brave and busted out the glitter pens.  Very sparkly!  

All finished!  So chic!


  1. I love that you didn't say a word about Jude's costume. :) It made me giggle.