Monday, May 9, 2011

My "Best Guy" and His Firetruck Cake

Happy 3rd Birthday Dear Jude! 

For the past couple of weeks I have been asking Jude what he wanted for his birthday.  
His answer: "A firetruck cake."
Yesterday his birthday wish was granted and he was very pleased with his cake, along with his very own Woody, Buzz, and other Toy Story goodies!  (As you can see, he is slightly obsessed with Buzz.)  

(The fire engine cake recipe is from Betty Crocker -- although we used chocolate donuts for the wheels.)

I do have to admit that I'm not too sad to see the (terrible) 2's end for Jude...I've gotten a lot of souls out of purgatory this year...

Somehow he lived to see his next birthday!

Love you much, Jude-Buggy!


  1. Oh man, those last two pictures had me laughing so hard, Michael joined in not knowing what I was laughing at! :D And great job on the cake!

  2. I'm thinking 3 has to be better than 2!!