Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Public Works Fair"

Our city recently hosted it's annual "Public Works Fair" and, since diggers, scoops, backhoes, and bulldozers are common vocabulary around here, we were very excited to attend!  

In heaven in the driver's seat.  (I had to go up and physically get him out!)  

Big smiles!

In the scoop.  (You really don't realize just how big those things are!) 

There was lots to see!

Ellen was easily entertained by the balloons.  

 One very happy boy!  

Some people can never resist these!  

Lunch break!


Time for a train ride.  (Pretty much the highlight of the whole day!)

**And Clare informed me that this was not just a train, but actually a "steam locomotive."  

They really do love each other!

And here's when Jude explained that his train shirt...

...was the same as...

...the train that we were riding on... that very moment.  

 Waving to the crowds.  (It paid to watch the Royal Wedding!)   

 One last game of red light / green light before heading home.

The end!

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