Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picture Treasure Hunt

Growing up, my siblings and I would make treasure hunts for each other around the house.  I remember that this was always a lot of fun.  Clues were written out, telling where the next clue could be found.  The treasure at the end was usually something small like gum or candy.

This might not come as a surprise, but neither Clare or Jude can read.  (OK, Clare can read the names of her 14 classmates.)  But they do love to do treasure hunts.  I have an envelope of picture of various household items that I have cut out of magazines.  Clare and Jude really enjoy finding and "reading" the clues.  They always get very excited when I suggest a treasure hunt (and it usually buys me some time because I have them go up and down the steps about 10 times throughout their hunt!).        

And theses are for Grandma B., who asked if Ellen is pulling herself up yet...  She just started this the other day.  At least she's interested in helping with the dishes!

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  1. It seems weird to hear myself referred to as "Grandma Bedell".