Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

One thing that is difficult about living away from my family is holidays.  Most I spend away from them, but this Father's Day I was able to celebrate with my family and with my dad.

My dad's immediate family usually gets together for holidays, and yesterday was no exception.  And with such a large immediate family, 9 siblings and 27 grandchildren, there was also a graduation to celebrate.  While we were all together yesterday, I was there I was reminded of all of the wonderful things I love about my family.  But most of all just being together...   

Cheering on the home town baseball team to victory.  Welcoming back the recent vacationers.  Congratulating the graduate.  Laughing as the story of the most recent family prank is retold.  Looking back on old photos.  Discussing upcoming weddings.  Talking about the bridal showers.  Clare entertaining the room with a show.  Jude being tossed in the air by my uncle.  Ellen getting kisses from her uncle.   

If I could only bottle it up and bring it back home with me! 

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