Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road Trips

This is going to be my view for several hours this summer.  

I have to admit that this is usually the sight I enjoy seeing in the back seat:

Unfortunately, unless we drive through the night, the kids usually don't sleep 8+ hours in the car.  Here are some of the things (besides movies...and lots of snacks) my kids are entertained with on road trips...

If I remember, I usually have a couple "games" from the back of cereal boxes, fruit snacks, etc. that Clare enjoys.  She can write on them and they can just be pitched at the end of the trip. 

Clare and Jude also like sticker books.  I have some from the Dollar Store that they have reused on different trips.   

I have brought magnets in the car for Clare and Jude and plan to bring them for Ellen, too.  I have a small magnetic board to keep them on, but a cake pan works, too.  

We got these story CDs from the library and the older 2 have enjoyed listening to them.  (Probably because Buzz Lightyear's #1 fan lives with me.)  I think we are starting to hit the "books on tape" age, so we will stock up at the library for sure and see how that goes.

  They also love listening to the Vacation Bible School CDs from previous years.   

The kids are also slightly addicted to Angry Birds, so we will make sure the iPhone is charged before hitting the road this summer!

Any tips for keeping the car sane on the road?

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