Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shirt & Tie Card

Clare and I made this card for Ryan in 2006 (and saved it because I thought it was too cute).

Here's how to make it:

Fold a piece of paper in half length-wise and width-wise and open.

Fold both sides to meet in the middle of the paper.

The paper is now in 4 vertical sections.  Fold the bottom 2 corners up to meet the fold you just made.  

Fold the bottom up the height of the previous corner fold.  

Unfold the paper.  Pinch the corner folds together and bend up.  

The paper will fall in place to make the sleeves of the shirt.

Now flip the paper over and turn it around.

Fold the bottom up about an inch. 

Turn the paper back over and fold the corner to the crease in the middle of the paper.  

Do this to both sides and then turn back around.  

Fold the bottom up to meet the collar.

Flip the collar out on both sides.

Draw on some buttons.  You can cut a small piece of scrap fabric to make a tie.  Knot the top and glue on the shirt.



  1. Love the pics! Cute card! New follower from Manic Monday. Love for you to follow back. Hosting Mom's Monday Mingle right now. Love to have you!

  2. This is sooo cute. My daughter and I just went to a Japanese Tea house and were given some Oragami. This will be such a fun activity for Father's Day. I posted it on my website

  3. This is super cute for Father's Day! We are so happy to have you join us for our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Please come back soon!! -The Sisters

  4. I really liked this card and made one for my Dad. I folded some $$$ bills until the face of Jackson on the $20 slid into the neck hole. He'll get a kick outta that. Thanks for the great idea :D - Bill

  5. Fantastic tutorial! I may whip this up tonight. :) You're being featured. :)

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