Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1st Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday I took Clare and Jude to the dentist.  It was Jude's first visit.  (And Clare reminded me this was her third case I want to write that in her baby book or anything.)  

Jude did great (maybe because our dentist is a friend of our's and Jude is bff's with his son).  And both kids became members of the "no cavity club," complete with club t-shirts to proudly wear.  

Jude told me he really liked the bubblegum toothpaste the dentist had, the little mirror they used, and the red sunglasses they let him wear because the "sun" was so bright.  

All in all a successful trip.  They are looking forward to their next appointment in 6 months!



  1. Well, a child's first visit to the dentist is very crucial. It can definitely affect their perception toward dentists as they grow older. That "No Cavity Club" is cool! For sure, Jude will learn how important oral health is at a very young age.

    Katia Craig

  2. The child always afraid from dentist and doctor. So the doctor should treat them with love and affection.

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