Monday, November 7, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

Happy Monday!  
A big thank you to Jen at for featuring Clare's room in her "diy decorating solutions" this weekend!  Thank you!   

Every time we go to the mall Clare asks to jump on the big bouncy trampoline thing.  (I'm sure it has a proper name...just not exactly sure what it is...)  For a few years we've gotten away with just telling her you have to be 6 to jump on it.  Well, on our most recent trip to the mall (after she turned 6) she realized in the parking lot that:

 1) There was a big bouncy trampoline thing in the mall. 
2) That she was 6.  

I told her she could use her birthday money to jump...and she was beyond thrilled!  

Really getting airborne here!

One tear.  One day...

Ellen was really entertained, too!

Dreams really do come true people.  $7 at a time!

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