Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Paintbrush Ornament

Our kids usually add an ornament to their "collection" every year by making, buying, or receiving a new one.

I saw this ornament idea in the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine and thought Jude would enjoy making it with me.  (I followed their overall idea, but made a few changes on the one we made.)

To make this ornament you will need:

  • a small paintbrush (I bought the one we used for 30 cents at a discount store...that was the total cost of this project because I had everything else at home.)  
  • goggly eyes (or can paint/draw them on)
  • white paint (or some cotton balls or a small piece of quilt batting)
  • red paint
  • white bead
  • small piece of twine or ribbon  
First paint the paintbrush handle red.  I taped the brush to make sure we didn't get red paint all over Santa's beard.

Then I cut a piece of extra batting and hot glued it around the brush to complete Santa's hat.

Glue on some eyes.  

Trim the brush into a more "beard-like" shape.  

Looking good, Mr. Claus!

Tie a piece of twine (or ribbon) in a loop.  Slide through the hole on the brush handle.  Add a bead and loop the twine through itself so the ornament can hang.   

I also added Jude's name and the date on the back of the ornament.

Pretty cute!

Jude is loving his 2011 Santa ornament!  

P.S. - A big thank you to Ginger at gingersnapcrafts for featuring my make ahead egg recipe today...stop by and say hello to her!

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  1. Too cute! I like the way "Santa" is looking at you while you trim his beard.

  2. Ok seriously??? CUTE CUTE CUTE! Look at that adorable Santa! I love it! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party?

  3. Really cute idea! My husband is a painter so this would be a great addition to our tree. Thanks! :o)

  4. This is SO very adorable also.... and so happy to have you linking this up as well... at hope to see you again next week.. Have a Merry Christmas