Monday, November 21, 2011

Baseball Poster Framed

I have been carefully saving a baseball poster that Ryan got at a game in 2008.  (It even survived our move 2 years ago!)  
The reasons I saved it were: 

1) it was free.
2) it is of Ryan's favorite baseball team...and subsequently Jude's as well.
3) Jude was born in 2008.
4) I thought it would be something fun to hang (inexpensively) in Jude's room.

The only problem with the poster was it was an odd size: 24x16.  And I didn't want to spend a lot to get it framed.  I had been searching for an inexpensive frame (in decent shape or one that I could paint) that would fit the poster at the thrift store but had no luck.  But when Clare and I stopped by Goodwill this weekend I finally found one that would work.  

We found this simple poster frame in good shape for $3.  The frame is 24x18. 

We took out the picture of the house dated March 1980.

Then just painted the cardboard backing with some red craft paint I had on hand.

(Can you tell by the toothpick and marshmallow cube that
Clare has been learning about spheres, cones, and cylinders in math class??)

After it dried we popped the baseball poster in place.  Jude was very pleased.  

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  1. Oh what a great idea about using a too big frame to fit your needs....