Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread

Our neighbors gave us Amish Friendship Bread starter about 10 days ago.  The kids (Clare especially) enjoyed helping "make" the bread everyday...

...and of course enjoyed the end product, too. Very yummy bread...almost like a cinnamon spice cake really.  And very delicious with my morning coffee!

(Is it too soon to be using this snowflake coffee mug??)

Here's the closest recipe I could find to the one I had to start your own.

And these are the directions to add with each bag you give to friends:

We are blessed with such great friends!


  1. Ha! I tried this once and screwed it up. Attentively added the items and mushed the bag, and then when it was time for the final baking I forget to add the sugar or something. Ugh. So, I gave up. Now I will probably never get another starter. Feel sort of bad that I can't try it again! Glad that you are enjoying it though. And it is definitely NOT too early for that snowflake mug. I am wishing I had a Christmas mug right now!

  2. Thank you sooo much for the recipe. I live in Ohio with neighbors that are Amish. Thanks for being my new neighbor! :) I will be trying this! Lindy