Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A December Wedding

 My sister's wedding was this past weekend!  
It was a beautiful day...and I survived my matron of honor toast!

First came the rehearsal on Friday night...

After the rehearsal dinner we questioned if some people had coordinated their attire...

Then since it was the only time that all 6 siblings will be together :( we gave my parents their Christmas gift: an ipad!  

Saturday was the wedding.

Some people came down the aisle by themselves...

...others needed a bit of assistance.

Here comes the bride!


The highlight (or lowlight?) of the ceremony was when my brother, Max, had to read the petitions off of his iphone because the hard copy had been misplaced.  Crisis avoided.  
(Another "highlight" was his steller 'stache!)

 Marian devotion by the Advent wreath. 

Walking to the get-away car to cheers and applause!

 Next came a fun reception!

First dance.

 (Dancing makes you really thirsty!) 

Pretty centerpieces.


 My kids' favorite part of the reception?  The candy buffet!

Another sweet ending was the floating lanterns that saw the newlyweds off!

Congratulations to Katie and Andrew!

(PS - A not so sweet ending was for Ryan who ended up with an appendectomy after our 9 hour car ride home on Monday!  I drove him straight to the ER and he ended up in surgery 4 hours later.  He is home now and recovering.  Makes for an exciting story!!)

PSS - Thanks to Jane, Carrie, and Rachel for the pictures I missed!  


  1. i cant even believe my awesome dance moves did not make this post.

  2. Oh, Tricia you have been in our prayers ever since we heard about Ryan! You gave a kickin' toast, which I captures part of on a video clip. I'm going to coerce Phil into editing my video clips into a little movie. ELLEN IS SUCH A CUTIE! (Claire and Jude are beautiful, too!)

  3. Such a cute wedding party, but I hope Ryan is better now.