Friday, December 30, 2011

What I've Learned this Year:

1.  Never take an 11 month-old on a boat.  Even if you promise them that they will see dolphins.  Not  fun!

2. Don't pitch the Target $10 gift card promotion prescription coupons before they expire.  Your child will need a scrip filled within 24 hours.

3. Little boys really do stink.  Open the windows in their bedroom and air it out at every chance you get!

4. Oxiclean is a mother's best friend.

4. So is  This Santa will never shop the old way again!

5. Murphy's Law: When traveling with a 14 month old, flight delays and being stuck on the runway are inevitable.

6. All day kindergarten is a l-o-n-g day...for your kindergartener, too.  (It took me a good month to get used to it.)  

7. Don't wear suede boots to the mulch playground. 

8. Blogging is a lot of work, but can be very rewarding.  Thanks to those who have stopped by in 2011.  
Hoping to learn from my mistakes in 2012!  

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