Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Visit With Santa

On Saturday we stopped by the local fire station for a visit with 
Old St. Nick! 

He even brought one of his reindeer with him!  

  The kids were very excited to see "Prancer!"

I don't think he was as excited or interested in seeing them!

 Then we waited...

...and waited...

(I think Ellen is grabbing Ryan by the ear here...)
to see Santa!

And Ellen was 100% not interested!!!!

And I was "that mom" who let their 1 year-old scream on Santa's lap so I could get a picture...and succeeded in capturing the moment perfectly!

But then didn't get a good short even without Ellen in the picture.  Sometimes we are just not photogenic!

But Clare and Jude were both very excited to see "the REAL Santa."    

Christmas picture attempt #2 coming soon.......

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