Friday, December 9, 2011

Handprint Christmas Tree

This project was one of the first things I ever"pinned."  (Found here.)  I gathered my children, washable green craft paint, and an extra canvas I had.  My 6 year-old's handprints are on the bottom, my 3 year-old's are in the middle, and my 1 year-old's are on top.  (The quicker the process the better for a 15 month-old!)

Then I added a star and tree trunk with markers.  I also painted a red "garland" on the tree using q-tips.  And I painted on a red boarder/frame for a more "finished" look.

I also added the date in the corner.  

I temporarily took down one of the pictures in the loft and hung our new Christmas picture in it's place.    

I love my new Christmas keepsake!


  1. Cute! I bet your children had fun. :)

  2. This is adorable :) Stopping by from Wow Me Wednesday.


  3. I love these kind of projects, they're so fun to look at after a few years!