Monday, July 16, 2012

Here Comes Baby

First off, I'm not making any announcements here!  My older sister is expecting her first baby in September, which will make me an aunt for the first time on my side of the family!!

I have been giving her my two cents on all things baby over the last few months.  
(Don't worry, she has asked for my expertise input!)

I ended up compiling a list on anything and everything to help prepare for baby.  
Here is my finished product...

(*I have never done bottles or cloth diapers, so I'm out of the loop on any recommendations.)

For Bebe:
  • Diapers, wipes, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, baby powder or diaper rash ointment, ointment and gauze if it’s a boy (hospital may give.)
  •  Purrell / Germ-x by changing station.  I think it's easier to wash hands with that than attempt to wash hands while holding baby 10x a day.  (But that’s just my opinion.) 
  • Baby wash and/or shampoo.  Baby lotion.
  • Thinner baby towels and washcloths.
  • Comb or brush.  
  • Nail clippers.  Will want to bring these to the hospital because baby will have long paper-thin nails.  Sometimes it’s almost easier to peal/bite them off because they are so thin. 
  • Bulb syringe and thermometer.  (Hospital may provide.)
  • Baby monitor.
  • Crib sheets and crib mattress cover.  (I have 2 of each.  If the sheet is soiled, the pad most likely will be, too.) 
  • Crib bumper pad. 
  • Lighter swaddling blankets.
  • Larger thin blanket for nursing under when out and about.  (Too thick and they might get too sweaty underneath.  Larger so you can feel you are covered enough, like when you are at church.) 
  • Burp cloths.
  • Changing pad and cover.  (I only have 1 cover and it’s fine.  I usually leave a burb cloth on it at first when poop is especially messy.)
  • Binks.  My advice would be to force it, but I won’t judge.  :)
  • Diaper bag or any large bag with smaller pockets.  I end up using this as my purse the first 6 months or so.  So you might want to find something that has a smaller zipper pocket where you can keep your wallet, keys, phone.  You don’t want to be lugging around the car seat and 2 other bags. 
  • Changing pad or thicker/larger burp cloth or blanket to keep in diaper bag to change diapers on when you are not at home.
  • Wipes travel case for diaper bag.  
  • Stroller and infant car seat.  Will be in infant seat until around 9 months or when they are too long to fit in it while facing backwards...or get too heavy to carry in it.  The car seats come with a base which makes them very easy to get in and out of the car. 
  • High chair of some kind.
  • Bouncer seat.  Or just something for them to sit it while you are eating, showering, cooking,  doing laundry, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or anything else that is easier to do with 2 hands.  I would keep a bouncer seat upstairs and then you aren’t lugging your car seat up and downstairs when baby needs a spot to sit.    
  • Baby swing.  A swing usually = SLEEP for baby.  Perfect for all above activities.  
  • Onesies, sleepers, clothing in general.  Keep in mind that they will poop through things.  And that some gifts might be that of clothing.
  • Long-sleeve undershirts.  The kind that covers their hands are esp good so they won’t scratch their face when they sleep.  I like to let them sleep in just an undershirt at night with a swaddling blanket the first 6 weeks.  Then there are no pants, snaps, etc. to deal with during nighttime diaper changes.  
  • Bibs.  Use for spit-up and teething.  Baby saliva can stain clothes.  If you don’t use them for these purposes, your baby will eventually eat spaghetti and chocolate ice cream...
  • Baby spoons, plates/bowls, sippy cups - I only buy the Gerber sippy cups.  They are the only ones that don't leak and the stoppers are interchangeable from the two-handle starter cups to their toddler cups.

For Mommy:
  • Feminine products - 1 months supply, no tampons.
  • Nursing bras - at least 3.  Two for daily use.  One for sleeping in for about the first 6 months.  I would get something softer (not underwire) for nighttime.  Wait to buy these until the end of your pregnancy to get the right size.
  • Nursing pads.  Only use disposable - you will leak through the washable ones.  Thicker at first for daytime and nighttime.  Thinner ones for daily use after the first few weeks. 
  • Handy/easy snacks: cheese sticks, almonds, granola bars, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.
  • Freezer meals.  Between friends and family and what I freeze, we are usually set for the first month.  

If you are still reading there anything I forgot or something you recommend?  Please share!

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  1. You're talented because you can do the blanket nursing (which I've never been able to do). I think the hooter hider (or bebe au lait) is so helpful for those of us less talented than you with the blanket method for nursing. :) How exciting for your sister!

  2. Agree, agree, agree. What a great list! I would add for baby, vaseline (or some similar petrolatum product). Use this on your brand newborn baby's bottom for first couple days to keep meconium from sticking to skin. And I would add for undies. Any other color will get stained. Also, this is going to sound weird, but it feels comforting: "Twat-sicles". Before you deliver, freeze a number of pads soaked in water and witch hazel. After delivery, wrap in a paper towel and wear for comfort with inflammation. So excited for Katie and Andrew!! :)

  3. This list is great! I found that those little scissors worked better (for me) when it came to trimming their nails. For cloth diapers you need non-scented or dyed detergent but I'd recommend using disposables until those first nasty poops are over and a diaper pail or bag. I love my bag because they go in and out with minimal touching!!! This is giving me baby fever!!!!!!

    1. I'm laughing that this is giving you baby fever! Can't wait to see you and your kiddos soon!!!

  4. Great post, Tricia! I forwarded it to my old roommate (and Mary Jo's) Monica who is a few weeks away from having her first baby. Ditto Shannon about the little scissors! We've never had good luck with the little nail clippers. The other thing that literally saved our lives was the free white noise app on our phones. We used it all the time for the first couple of months; it was especially helpful when we were out and about. We just put the noise on and put the phone in her car seat. I think you should be able to download it on any smart phone, not just iphones. It made me laugh that you said you force binks because Jane told me you do that back when I was trying to get Sara Kate to take one. She finally did take one, once we found the one that she liked!

    1. Thanks, Ellen! And thanks for the white noise tip! Yes, I am totally a bink forcer!!!! :)

  5. what a great list it surely does cover many needs for a preciou bundle of joy

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  6. Totally agreee with the dummy thing (I think you called them binks?) They only need them for a couple of months - but it makes life a whole lot easier. (Or maybe that should be that it helps them to pass wind easier!)

    I've just had my 3rd a few weeks ago - and I would have to say that what is reccomended in Aus must be different to what is reccomended in the US. For instance - rubbing alcohol is a no-no now here - apparently it makes the umbilical cord hang around for a lot longer. We just use water and a cotton tip.
    We were also told in hospital not to do anything to babys nails for 2 wks... then file them for the next 2. After that it's nail scissors.
    Oh, and cot bumpers are considered a high SIDS risk.

    Things to add... Baby socks - good for helping to keep baby's feet warm in hospital, but also really handy for those first couple of weeks. Put them on their hands so they don't scratch themselves - they stay on much better than baby mittens.
    Black underware for mummy. 'Nuff said.
    There's a baby monitor app for your iphone that we are using this time around - you just leave it in the room with baby and it will call a selected phone # when baby cries. This is the first time we have used it - and LOVE it!
    Oh, and if baby doesn't want to go to sleep - do the vacuuming or something - white noise is great (you can actually buy a white noise machine... but I never bothered with it).
    Your sister will love your tips! :)
    Just remind her that for the first month or so, if she has eaten, and the baby has eaten, and if they have both gotten some sleep - then her work is done for the day. Anything beyond that is a bonus! :)

  7. Just shows there is so much to do to prepare! Best to you all.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. Very helpful list!
    Wish those babies came with manuals.
    I remember all the prep we did and then we arrived home, stared at Emma and said to each other "Well, what do we do now?"
    Thanks for linking up!
    Good luck with that baby!
    Stacey of Embraicng Change