Friday, July 27, 2012

A Peak at our Week

{Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary today for a case of the Friday Quick-Takes.}  

1. Clare is really gaining confidence and speed in the water!  
She placed 2nd in two races at her swim meet this week!  

2. Quiet time (when Ellen naps) = TV time for the older two kids.  A gaggle of matchbox cars joined in for some R&R while Ellen slept the other day.  

3.  We watered our neighbors' vegetable garden last week while they took a trip to the Rocky Mountains.  They brought us back a unique souvenir!  These chocolate peanuts were devoured in less than a day.

4.  Other neighbors were kind enough to gift us with some of their home-grown garlic.  They grew the one on the left, the one on the right is store-bought.  Impressive!

5. Enjoying my bright summer toes - Charged Up Cherry!
(Ellen, Clare, and I are all sporting this new color!)

6. We went ahead and helped ourselves to the school supplies that are already out.  I always fear they will be picked over if I wait, especially when we need 8 glue sticks for 1st grade (down from the 20 we needed last year for kindergarten)!  And, yes, I was kind enough to let Clare get a "fun" Hello Kitty notebook.  

7. Happy Friday!  (That's all I've got!) 



  1. The surgence of the word "school" keeps making its way on the scene. Oh boy, I feel like we just started this summer thing;)! However, the other day, I wouldn't have minded a day of school. A little too much together time. Have a great weekend!

  2. My oldest starts kindergarten this year and she doesn't need anything! Apparently they are providing all the supplies!?! Maybe it's the difference between my public school and her private one. I wish I could go back to school shopping, i've been looking forward to it since she was born (or at least since preschool started)!