Friday, July 6, 2012

Half-Way Mark

We enjoyed Independence Day 2012 with record high temps, an afternoon at the pool, a family BBQ, and fireworks and glow sticks for all.  July 4th marks the half-way point of the summer for us.  We are definitely enjoying these lazy days.  Although with record breaking heat, we are usually cramped up inside if we aren't at the pool.  Lately it hasn't been so peaceful and quiet around here, either...even when Ellen is napping.  I've found myself separating a little more bickering lately, and pulling more tricks out of my hat to keep people entertained.  

In Judy Crawford's devotional book Time -Out for Tired Moms, she writes about everyone wanting a piece of mom while mom usually wants some peace.  But when a mother can take a few minutes to herself, it can give her the strength to give these pieces of herself to her children.  What a good reminder for me as we hit phase 2 of our summer.     

I witnessed a perfect example of giving a piece of oneself for my own children on July 4th when my father-in-law held 3 kids on his lap in the hot and sticky summer heat while watching the fireworks.  My kids just wanted a piece of grandpa, and he was happy to oblige.      

Happy Friday!

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