Friday, July 13, 2012

How We Spent our Week - Quick Takes Style

Happy Friday!  

1.  Jude found a newborn picture of himself (with doting parents) and decided it needed to be properly displayed on the bulletin board downstairs by the laundry room.  

2.  If looks could kill.  Or maybe she's working on her version of the Zoolander pose?    

3.  We have been asking for more responsibility around here, particularly in picking up after yourself and helping with the nightly clean up.  Clare put the dolls away in the dollhouse the other night and I found the mom and dad like this the following morning.    

4.  Jude's 2nd breakfast:
Cheese?  Check.
Tongs?  Check.
Garlic press if needed?  Check.
Batman winter pajamas?  Check.

5.  Ellen, AKA Miss Shoe Fashion Police, has a new favorite pair of shoes.  It doesn't matter that they are black patent leather and it's the heat of July.  They especially make quite a statement when paired with a bathing suit.  

6.  At the grocery store this week, the Hot Wheels display caught Jude's eye and I let him pick a car out to take home.  That one new car was brought home and introduced to the others that haven't been out in awhile.  Days upon days of "new" entertainment here.   

7.  We made no bake cookies the other day in honor of my brother Max's birthday.  They are his favorite cookie/dessert and we were happy celebrate many miles away!  

Enjoy your weekend!

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