Thursday, July 19, 2012

Traveling Tips

Like everyone else, we have done our fair share of traveling this summer.  

3 kids + 46 hours in the car + 13 total days away from home means a mom needs to have a plan...or all trips will miserably fail!

I have found that the best way to pack the kids' clothes for a trip is by using ziploc freezer bags.  Living out of a suitcase is never ideal, but when complete outfits are packed together, everything down to socks and underwear are easy to access when they are needed.  

As for keeping kids entertained in the car...let's just say there's a reason why we did some nighttime traveling this summer.  On our usual 9 hr. trips to Grandpa and Grandma's house we usually rely on some of these things for backseat entertainment.  

May your summer travels be safe...and sane!

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  1. 46 hours in the car?? I thought our 24 hours (roundtrip) was bad! And I like the idea of having outfits 100% ready to go. Saves a lot of hassle once you're there!

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  4. Packing clothes in Ziploc freezer bags is a brilliant idea. You can easily pull them out of the luggage when needed without the need to stop during a long drive.