Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1st Birthday Cakes

It's hard to believe that Ellen is turning 1 in about 6 weeks!  (How did that happen???)    

I have been thinking of what kind of cake to make Ellen for her 1st birthday.  

Clare's birthday falls in October so I made her a pumpkin cake when she turned 1.

Jude was obsessed with the school bus that used to drive down our street at our first house, so he got a bus cake.  

Ryan taught Ellen how to make monkey noises when asked what a monkey says.  Of course now it is one of her favorite sounds to make.  So I have been looking around for a simple monkey cake to make for Ellen's birthday.

Here are some of my favorites:




These cake pops are too cute:
Or cupcakes:

I think Clare is probably envisioning something like this!

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  1. I love this post! I like your themes, too. It's fun to look back at past birthdays. I had the realization when Lucy turned two that for each of my kids' 2nd birthday I made a strawberry shortcake. I totally didn't plan that. Strange! By the way, my vote is the cupcakes...they are so cute! :)