Friday, July 22, 2011

Professional Interior Design Help

I "won" an hour with an interior designer at an auction back in December.  I finally called her a couple of weeks ago to redeem my time and she came over a couple of days ago.  My main questions for her were colors for my first floor and help arranging furniture in my family room.

Arranging furniture in our family room has been a challenge.  There are 2 windows, a fireplace, stairs, and a doorway to configure around.

At first we had it arranged like this...

Testing paint colors here...

Then Jude fell off the ottoman and hit his head on the fireplace hearth and had to have a head wound glued shut.  So then we flipped things around a bit and currently have it like this...

The designer recommended hanging the TV above the fireplace and moving the couch (which she named "the elephant in the room") against the big wall, opening up the traffic flow between the family room and the kitchen.  I'm not sure what I think about having the TV above the fireplace...any thoughts on that??

Colorwise she confirmed my fabric ideas.  But she stressed having 3 colors in a room/house with a 60-30-10 color ratio.  So with the khaki on the walls, do a dark brown curtain, with blue accents throughout the room.  The accents can come in the form of throw pillows, art, accessories, etc.  She also recommended painting the armoire black if we keep it in the room.  And get bigger lamps and ditch the white lampshades.  And we could switch out the coffee table with a big storage ottoman, too.

She also recommended switching these pillows to add a better pop on the couch...

 ...and compliment the rug that is in the entry way:

So all in all, lots to think about.  And furniture to rearrange and see how things work in a different configuration.  I'll post any major getting new pillows!  :)


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