Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning out "Photo Booth"

The other day Ryan ran an update on our computer and later told me that we should probably weed out some of the 800+ photo booth pictures and 200+ photo booth videos.  So I went through and deleted a lot of 1 second videos, a lot of bad pictures, and a lot of random pictures taken at the Eiffel Tower, in fish bowls, on roller coasters, and at Yosemite.  (All backgrounds available on photo booth.)  

Here are some of my favorites that I came across...    

Grumpy x4

 She was so little!  
(And I'm thinking this will definitely be her kindergarten hair do.)

And he was so little!

First pic in the new house!

Attempting a dimple????

I love this picture.  There's just something warm and fuzzy about rollers and Christmas lights.

Everyone says "cheese!" 

Jude is ghostly white!

The Blessed Mother stopped by!

How can this not make you laugh??

Sometimes rain gear is necessary!  Even indoors.

I should really pluck my eyebrows.  And Clare should really not choke Jude.

A sleep smile for her first photo booth photo!

First picture as a family of 5!

Ellen rocks the polka-dots for Halloween.

Jude's "guitar" before Santa brought him a real one.  Yes, that is a light saber.  And yes, he has it twisted about 10 times in his shirt.

Sometimes I can be the fun parent.  But just sometimes. 

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