Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Field Trip

I recently took the kids to one of our favorite local hands-on museums.  They all had a blast!

A new section in the museum shows the three branches of government.  The judicial branch was a hit!

Young jurors.

Judge Clare.  

Judge Jude. 

In the judge's robe.  (Does this scare anyone else??)

Some learning...


Sand is always fun!

Licensed driver in 2024...

If only this was true...

Fill 'er up!

Even Ellen got in on the fun!

Look at that pretty baby in the mirror!

Crawling down the slide. 

Sister love. 

The water section was enjoyed by all!  And I forgot they have seats for babies to play, too!
She had a ball!  

Mr. Neat put on an apron as soon as one was available!  

I think we have a leftie.  

Of course Clare found some other kids that had a whole plan in how to move the water and build a dam and tell that water who was boss!  This was very serious work!

On to the next activity...the auto body shop.  Can you tell they have NASCAR in their blood??? 

Last stop...grocery shopping and preparing a meal.  

And eating it, too!  

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