Thursday, July 28, 2011

How I Send Cards

I am a tad bit organized, favor my left-brain, and work off of lists.  These traits also fall into the world of how I send cards for any occasion.  My family often remarks how they received a card from us - on time - for a birthday.  And this is why...

At the beginning of the month I make a trip to the Dollar Store (cards are 2 for $1.00!) with a list of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, babies, weddings, etc.  (It helps to make this trip child-less because my kids can easily start running laps around the perimeter of the store...not like I know from experience that this could happen...)  Within a day or two after purchasing my monthly card stash, I address and stamp all of the cards at once.  Then (yes, because I am crazy) I make a note on my calendar to put the card in the mail on a particular day so it will arrive on time.

Living out of town, it always feels so nice to receive mail from home on my birthday.  There is really nothing better than receiving mail on your birthday, or any special occasion!


  1. A TAD bit organized......a TAD bit??? Seriously!

  2. Very impressive! I like the idea though - glad you shared!

  3. I'm the same way. Also, birthdays at the beginning of a month always surprise me, because I turn the page and it's already too late to mail a card on time! Good tips! :)

  4. I used to do this a year in advance, every new year's day, then file each card behind a monthly divider tab in a box....must get into doing that again as it saves a LOT of stress. Like the idea of making a note on the calendar, I'm going to to that one.