Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 on 10

Linking up tonight with Rebekah for "Ten on Ten"...10 pictures from 10 different hours of our day.

8 AM - Still life of morning coffee and hydrangeas.  
(Would you believe that everyone slept in past 7 o'clock?!  I have a morning rain to thank for that!)   

9 AM - Reading in silence thanks to the NASCAR noise-cancelling headphones.  
(I promise our house is not that loud.) 

10 AM - Free summer movie (Chimpanzee) at the theater.  Baby likes the big screen!

1 PM - Nursing in the passenger seat while parked at Sam's Club.  The exciting life I lead.

2 PM - Nap on the couch after returning from Sam's.  

3 PM - Gak attack.  

4 PM - All smiles!  Just because.  

 5 PM - Jude underwater!  
(Thankfully he's not wearing his scuba goggles AND wingies AND swim shirt this year.)  

7 PM - Bedtime stories.  

8 PM - Dusk.

Good Night!


  1. Fun! I always think I should do this post, then forget every month. Oh well! We have the same Curious George book - my toddler requests it so much that she's got a few of them memorized. :)

  2. Found your from your comment over at Billie Jo's blog. Love your blog here. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Have a good day.