Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Fav's

Linkin' up with Hallie today for another round of 5 Favorites.  Because it's my favorite.

I've bought Clare bathing suits from Old Navy and Target before and then get summer clothes out a year later to find the elastic in those suits shot.  Or they are stretched out to the point that they are unwearable.  Not so much with Land's End suits.  The quality of their suits is amazing.  Clare and I just got new suits on their summer clearance.  The suit I got her was only $10.50 and I know she will be able to wear it next year, too, and then pass it down to Ellen to wear as well.

2. Baby oil for shaving legs.


I took the advice from the Internet that shaving with baby oil would leave your legs feeling extra smooth and moisturized.  And the Internet was right!  Turns out it helps your razor last longer, too.  

3. Coloring pages.
I've found several websites with coloring pages on them and this one has been Clare's favorite by far.  
I have been keeping crayons and markers out and she has been enjoying coloring her printed coloring pages when we are homebound with a napping baby.  

I've shared before how a mix of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar is an amazing cleaner.  I'm having a new love for it (if that's even possible) after putting the concoction in a dish wand and leaving it in the shower.  It makes a quick shower cleaning that much easier and convenient. 


This has become one of our favorite summer dinners.  Very easy but tasty weekday dinner.  And the dressing is so so good!



  1. Tricia,

    I have to try this baby oil thing--thanks for the tip!

    ~ M ~

  2. I loved Land's End suits for my older kids when they were younger! We ordered them every year. With Flynn, I am finding Babygap to be just as good quality.

    Will pass the baby oil tip on to Madison. She is obsessed with shaving her legs! : )

  3. I love the cleaning tips on your blog! Thanks for the great post.. And thank you for a reminder to clean my shower. ha : )

  4. Oh my lower case g! I have recently started shaving with baby oil too, what a difference!! Why did it take so long to hear of this?! I notice even having to shave less on a weekly basis, although I still have to perfect how I do it because the last few times I saw there were a couple patched where I missed ;-)

  5. I stopped using shaving cream a while ago, but that baby oil thing sounds like a good idea-- especially with my dry skin. Love the shower cleaner idea as well. Keeping the shower clean can be such a pain and this sounds like a good way to ease that pain. Thanks for the tips!

    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

  6. I need to try the baby oil thing! Thanks for the tip!

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