Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lofty Loft

When we bought our house almost 4 years ago, our "wish list" included an upstairs family room/loft/bonus room.  We were lucky to find a house with that desired extra space and use this area more than we ever thought we would.  Fast forward to me shopping at Joann's several months ago and finding fabric that would tie our red couches (looking back we should have gone with something a bit more, ahem, neutral) in with the gold walls.  (Our loft has a cathedral ceiling...that of course extends over the stairs = a lot of tedious painting involved that we are not interested in doing at the moment...)   

Anyway, I bought fabric several months ago (then had a baby and took a break from any house projects!) and finally finished making curtains over the weekend.  

Sadly, this is the only "before" picture I have.  The curtains the previous owners left behind were a bit too floral for me.  And they had cherries on them.   

4 year-old Clare 10 days after we moved in.

And here are the curtains I made!

I made them the same way I made the ones in the girls' room and lined them with a cheap-o white sheet on clearance at Walmart.  I'm quite pleased with them if I do say so myself!  (Ryan was pretty impressed because I may have a history of making curtains that don't quite fit a window as well as they should...but not the case here!)

 We also switched this shelf out of the girls' room to make room for Ellen's new dresser.  Jude told me he likes having books on a shelf in the loft because it's like we have a library.  We're sophisticated like that.

And my favorite picture of big sister Clare holding newborn baby Jude.  (I'll be honest, distance was a necessity as there's some dusting that needs to be done around here...)  

Loft curtain mission complete!


  1. It looks perfect and inviting and breezy and lovely!!

  2. Looks so great Tricia!
    Now will you PLEASE come decorate my house?!?

  3. great job on the curtains!

  4. Tricia, this looks great! So much brighter! I love 4 year old Clare! :)

    1. I'll take that as a compliment coming from a realtor! :)

  5. Great job on your curtains! Fabric is so great for tieing room elements together.

  6. I love those shelves, especially the way the pictures are arranged above it. I love the Russian dolls and I love your rosary basket. Can I please have a loft just like yours!

  7. The new curtains look perfect in there! Thank you for linking up at Well Crafted Wednesdays!

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