Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Sometime in the '90's I was gifted with "Nickelodeon gak" for Christmas from my grandma.  Now gak is back!  (Don't watch that video too many times or you'll be singing about "gak gak gak" all day.)  Anyway, earlier in the week there was a steady rain most of the day and we were homebound since Michael was napping.  To keep kids occupied we made "gak."  

To make your own, you need:

1 cup of glue
3/4 cup cold water
liquid food coloring
1/2 cup hot water
1 teaspoon borax

In one bowl mix together the glue, cold water, and food coloring.  (We chose yellow.)
In another bowl mix together the hot water and borax until the borax is dissolved.
Next, pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture.  
Stir together as best you can and then pour out any  excess water.  

Then squish, stretch, and comment that you feel like you are playing with a squashed Spongebob, or mixing up eggs.  

Our gak kept Clare and Jude busy for about an hour.  Then Jude played with it more later.  And then asked to play with it again the next day.  

 Ellen, on the other hand, wouldn't even touch it!  
(As you can see...she's staying as far away from it as possible!!) 

1990's rainy day fun!

Recipe found here.


  1. Well, I love this as it looks like great fun, and while I grew in a country where gak wasnt called gak, we had it too and I loved playing w it as a kid. Sooooo, I was about to feature it but realize that there's no link back to our party (yet) :-( oh please make my day and add it... ~ Rose

  2. so fun!! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!