Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Things He Says...

(We love our Best Guy.  I cringe that he loves his summer mohawk...)

As he is getting his nails cut: 
"I wish my fingernails were long so I could turn off the light from my bed."

A few minutes after lunch: 
"I can feel my food going into my esophagus now."  
(Ed. note:  Confirmed over-exposure to "The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body."

When told to come out of the rain because it's starting to thunder and lightening and it's not safe:
"Because I've been a really good son?"


  1. Ha!

    I love the summer mohawk, I used to give my boys one as soon as school was over (they wear uniforms and aren't allowed to have mohawks). But then the older 2 became altar servers, and our pastor doesn't allow crazy hair, so it's no more mohawks for them!

  2. Love this Tricia...and the hair too! : )