Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Living with a Bookworm

This summer we have been heading to the library on Mondays and stocking up with new books for the week. That means Clare can be found with a book in her hands the rest of the day. And then every morning after she eats breakfast. And always at night reading in bed. And many times in between. She brings books in the car, will read at the pool, and buddies up with Jude on the couch to read to him. We were so proud of the progress she made in 1st grade, graduating onto chapter books and her proficiency continues to improve right along with her love of books. It's a joy to watch her enthralled in a new book, soaking up every word and eagerly turning each page. I hope her love of reading only continues to deepen!


  1. Oh, she is my kind of girl! Reading a good book = Love!

  2. My first born is the same. We have to tell him to stop reading all the time (meals, when we're talking, etc)! It's a pretty good problem to have :)