Monday, August 15, 2011

After School Routine

Kindergarten starts tomorrow!!!!  The left-brained side of me is looking for an after school routine from the start of the school year.  I found this free printable here and want to print it and hang it above the kids' coat rack in the laundry room for Clare.

I think we are physically ready for the big day tomorrow...not sure about being emotionally ready myself!

(There are a ton of cute free printables at!  Might have to print some other things, too!)


  1. When Alyssa started Kindergarten, I made her a chart of morning and evening responsibilities. I made the chart using words and pictures, then printed and laminated. She was able to use dry erase marker to check off what she had done. I thought that might inspire her more to use it (apparently that was silly of me to think!). I spent so much time trying to find pictures (Morning -get dressed, brush hair & teeth, etc, Evening - do homework, put shoes away, get backpack, lunch, snack ready for next day make bed, etc). I never thought of looking for a chart that was already created!
    Good luck this week! Alyssa's first 2 weeks of Kindergarten were really tough on me - she was totally fine! :)

  2. whoops -that "make bed" comment is in the wrong place!

  3. I'm browsing sites, in search for a typical or recommended routine. My daughter's first day home from Kinder is today, eekk!! :D
    But, there is a big time gap from home to bed. Do I let her relax after a full day of school, or should I plan chores, more educational activities, etc?
    What did you do after snack?

    1. Hi Vanessa - My daughter likes to have some down-time after she has a snack. The past few weeks she has enjoyed listening to books on tape in her room and relaxing a bit. Hope that helps and that your daughter has a great year of kindergarten!