Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bridal Shower Fiesta!

We threw a bridal shower for my sister Mary Jo this past weekend.  We happened to be "in the neighborhood" and were able to join in the festivities!

Bride and Flower Girl.

Simple centerpieces.

Lots of delicious dips paired with a fruit salad, cilantro rice, mini-cornbread muffins, and chicken tacos

And chocolate cake for dessert of course!


Then we showered the bride-to-be with gifts.

Of course Clare was happy to take some of the attention off of Mary Jo... 

Looking forward to September!

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  1. Tricia, great colorful pics! It looks like it was an elegant fun shower. The bride to be looks happy and I love Clare's dress. I laughed at the portions on Clare's plate in the one picture. One little muffin and fruit salad- she eats like a couple of my kids. :) The cake is amazing and the centerpieces beautiful. Great theme!