Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puzzle Storage

Jude and I have some new found one-on-one time these days with Clare off at kindergarten and if when Ellen naps.  We've been through our puzzles several times, "played" chess, and yesterday could be found hitting a ball back and forth with two hockey sticks on the driveway.

As I mentioned, Jude has been enjoying a lot of our puzzles lately.  And I had been noticing a lot of the puzzle boxes were starting to fall apart.  

So I cut out the picture of the puzzle from the top of each box.  

Then I put all of the corresponding puzzle pieces into a big ziploc bag.  Then marked the number of pieces that are in the puzzle on the ziploc bag.  

Much easier than dealing with a bunch of falling apart boxes!  

And where did I come up with this clever idea?

My mother did the same thing to my puzzles when I was growing up!

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