Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newspaper Dome

When I first saw how to make this geodesic dome on I was excited to make one for Clare and Jude.  It has been enjoyed inside during some very warm summer days!

First make 25 "logs" out of newspaper.  Stack 4 sheets of newspaper and roll starting at one corner.  (You can use a pencil as a guide to help roll evenly...but the logs should not be as thin as the pencil or they will be too hard to staple.)  Once the log has been rolled, tape it shut.  Next trim the ends of the logs to make them all the same length.      

Staple 3 logs together to form a triangle.  Make 5 triangles.  

Staple the 5 triangles together, connecting the bottom corners.  Then staple 5 logs across the top to connect the tops of the 5 triangles.  Stand the connected triangles up and staple the last log so it wraps around to the first triangle.   

With the remaining 5 logs, create a star shape and staple together.  

Take the star and staple each end to form a triangle with the part of the structure that is standing.  The dome will stand on it's own.    

Add a sheet if you wish!  

Jude Buzz dubbed this his spaceship!

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