Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Achievements

Clare's favorite things to do in the summer:

"I love going to the beach & swimming in the summer."

And she enjoyed both activities this summer!  She has done very well learning to swim this year.  We enrolled Clare in swimming lessons this spring and she was barely putting her head underwater at the beginning of the lessons.  Ryan also worked with her a bit at the beginning of the summer.  Now she is swimming underwater and can go in the "deep end" of the pool without her water wingies!  She really enjoys using goggles while swimming, too.  It has been fun to watch her gain confidence in the water this summer!

I am also proud of Ellen who is slowly beginning to eat more solid foods!  She has had a slow start but was sharing an ice cream cone with me the other night!  (I know, who can resist ice cream??)

Waiting for a bite...

I'm not fast enough!

So thankful for all of the fun we had this summer!

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