Thursday, August 4, 2011

OBX 2011

We vacationed last week at the Outer Banks in North Carolina with Ryan's family.  It was wonderful to relax and enjoy the beach with everyone!

Ellen's first trip to Jockey's Ridge State Park.  
(Ryan was dubbed "Beach Captain" months ago and his mother found him the perfect hat for the position!)  

 Lots of fun in the sand and riding waves! 

Not exactly sure how many pounds of sand Ellen ate!  

 Jude "making it snow."  

And enjoying the waves. 

Clare "washing in the water" like she did when she was 2.  (Although from Ryan's expression it looks like she's a bit heavier now...and that this isn't good for his torn rotator cuff!)




We took a dolphin tour one afternoon and the kids loved the boat ride...

...Ellen was not such a fan.  But I survived.


No paradise is complete without a bit of mishap...  Jude dislocated his elbow (technical term is a "nursemaid's elbow") in a tickling fest with his father the last day of our vacation.  A trip to the OBX Urgent Care Center merited a quick and immediate fix for him and we returned to get some pictures on the beach.   

And I really didn't get anything decent out of them!

Maybe they're saving a better picture for Christmas cards??  

 After begging the kids to smile and look at the camera, they wanted to take a picture of the adults!  

Jude keeps asking to go back to the beach house!  I can't blame him!


  1. Boo, I am so jealous! It looks like you had a fantastic time!

  2. Tricia, you look fabulous! The whole family looks great. Good idea having a baby pool on the beach, and I love the shot of Clare smiling on the boat ride. Maybe you could crop just Jude in the first take of the the three kids on chairs--it is a great shot of him! :)