Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Lost Tooth!

Clare lost her 2nd tooth this week!  

And, yes, that's the new one coming in about an inch back!

Clare asked the Tooth Fairy to bring her some fairy pixie dust.  And the Tooth Fairy was kind enough to do so!  So Clare and the neighborhood gang sprinkled pixie dust (glitter) all.over.themselves.  (This was not how the Tooth Fairy thought her pixie dust was going to be used...)  Clare came running into the house VERY excited and told me that the pixie dust was working and she was really shrinking!  One of the neighbor boys, however, was very upset because he truly thought his older sister was shrinking and was worried she would be scared of him because he was going to be much bigger than her!
(This was all very entertaining for Ryan and me!)

And this is when I told Clare that she had to take a shower and wash the fairy dust off before she went to bed and to school the next day.  She was upset because she told me having fairy dust was "the best thing that she ever did in her whole life!"

Such a deprived child!

As we have hit the "lost tooth" phase in our house, I think it would be fun to have some kind of tooth box/pillow to keep lost teeth in for the Tooth Fairy to find.  (Clare used a small jewelry box the other night.)

Here are some cute ideas I found...

And these 2 are my favorite:

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