Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Wedding Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend with my family celebrating my younger sister Mary Jo's wedding! 

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer ready to go!

"Clare, you look beautiful!" - Jude

Honorary Flower Girl (we weren't sure if Ellen would be walking for the wedding...turns out she wasn't quite ready for the l-o-n-g aisle at the church!)

(Of course Jude found a Nascar car deep in the toy box at my parents' house!)

The beautiful bride!

Her bouquet with my deceased Grandma's rosary and my new brother-in-law's grandmother's handkerchief.  (Very sweet especially because Mary Jo was named after our grandmother.)  

The roses were beautiful. 

Big bouquets of babies breath for the bridesmaids.

Waiting in the bride's room at church.  (Clare thought this was an adult version of "hide-n-seek.")

One handsome boy!  
He wore his jacket all day!

The new Mr. and Mrs...so happy!

My youngest sister Margaret (maid of honor) gave a lovely speech.

(Can I say that this picture reminds me of this one?)

Cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake.  And so very yummy!

 Clare and Jude were very happy (no pun intended...) with their glowsticks and goodie bags!

They also had a photobooth at the reception with props galore to pose with.  Clare spent a lot of time taking pictures Saturday night!  Lots of fun and it also made for great favors for guests and a unique guest book for the bride and groom!

We had a great time and enjoyed the festivities!  
(Especially since Ellen lasted longer than I expected!!!)

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  1. your sister's wedding looks absolutely amazing and so classy. your parents have sure produced GORGEOUS daughters! what an awesome family :)