Friday, September 16, 2011

On the Go

We are in full school-mode around here.  Clare has been in kindergarten one month and Jude just finished his second week of preschool.  Clare's grade school has over 800 students and 2 pick-up options after school, so it is key to get to the parking lot early enough to get a "good spot." That means I spend a lot of time in my car waiting for them at pick-up.

So during the day I keep a tote bag on the kitchen table (where I pass by throughout the day) and fill it with anything that I can accomplish in the car...go through mail, write my grocery list, work on a project, send cards, magazines I want to read, etc.  I also throw in a couple of books or a movie for whatever kids I have with me.  Then, when it's time to for pick-up, I just grab the tote bag and go.

(Yesterday I saw a woman with a dust rag attacking her dashboard during pick-up!  Might have to add cleaning supplies to my bag!)

Happy Friday!

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