Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Mexican Rice" (or what I do with leftover rice!)

I have mentioned the lack of excitement "leftovers" ensues in our family.  So my job is to disguise them in any way possible.  This is a recipe I make to use up leftover rice from a previous dinner.

Mexican Rice (AKA "Dora Dinner" in our family)

1. Brown 1 pound of ground turkey with 2 cloves of garlic.  (Although I have been cheating and using the stuff from a jar!)  And sorry, uncooked ground turkey doesn't look very appetizing!

2. Mix in extra rice.  Usually equals about 1 cup...I usually make extra on purpose.

3. Add in your favorite spaghetti sauce.

I like to top this with shredded or even grated parmesan cheese.  

Simple tasty recipes with few ingredients are my favorites.  Very easy weekday dinner!

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  1. This looks a great, easy, tasty recipe! thanks for sharing!